Freitag, Juli 08, 2005

This blog is now a novel

I started this blog to document my real-life experiences with a person who has been stalking me for a long time--- the stalker's emails and other communications with me, and my reactions.

I also had a web page on which I posted some older communications from the stalker. This web site has recently disappeared.

While I doubt very much that Blogger would listen to a stalker's complaints and take this blog down, the constant worry about losing all my blogs is making me a nervous wreck.

So this blog is now a novel about a stalking victim named Mina, and a mystery cyber-stalker known only as Cyber Terrorist Identity Thief--- C. T. for short.

It's going to be a very realistic novel--- everything in it will be strictly based on a real cyberstalking event which I can document.

But no living person can rightly claim he or she is being defamed by it.

Donnerstag, Juli 07, 2005

My Nightmare Realm site is down

My Nightmare Realm site, in which I deposited copies of C. T.'s threat letters, is somehow missing. I wonder how that could have happened?

This is kind of frightening as I don't know if my blogs will get deleted next, it's like C. T. can put up whatever he likes in Yahoo groups or wherever, and if I try to defend myself I get shot down.

Don't know what to do next.

from C. T. : Mina Bayern - Thought you might like this...

Mina wrote:

[C. T.], you lied about me again. You wrote: "What started the war? 50 Bucks and
me refusing to support George W. Bush." Aside from the fact that there
was no '50 Bucks' when the most you paid for your subscription and
sample was $31, I never asked you to support George W Bush (whom I
opposed at the time). Just because I, as an editor, chose not to
publish your writing at that time is no reason to freak out. An editor
has the right to make choices--- certainly I get turned down by editors
all the time.

In addition, you made the mistake of submitting a political (anti-USA,
pro-al Qaeda) article to a religious publication. I have since put that
article up on my Nightmare Realm site so you should be happy about that.

[That site has disappeared recently.]

You agreed to end your 'total war', so it is incubent upon you to quit
telling falsehoods about me in public forums.

[C. T.] wrote:

I thought you might be interested in this conversation. It can be
found at

Freitag, Juli 01, 2005

Cyberstalking & bullying a problem in schools

Schools are finding they must get involved as their students are receiving and sending threatening messages to one another over the internet--- click on link to read the story.

Donnerstag, Juni 30, 2005

Cyberstalking article series

Peace Message from C. T.

Mina writes:
This is the message from the person who, for legal purposes, I call 'C. T.' on this blog. I have set up a web site for him at I would like to make clear to cyberstalking victims everywhere that this is NOT the recommended procedure for dealing with the problem. Please review the general information on cyberstalking on previous posts on this blog, and use the information to keep yourself safe!

Hi everybody,
this is C. T. from WOTAN, testing out our new forum. This website has been created for WOTAN by Mina Bayern from Michigan, USA. Yes, THE Mina I have been at war with over 50 Bucks for the last three or so years. We finally settled our differences, and Mina agreed to set up this website as her part of the peace-deal. So I officially withdraw all allegations of fraud, theft and dishonesty I made against her re the 50 Bucks, and will not make any further financial claims against her.
Some aspects of my war against Mina included a few punches under the beltline. Among other things I placed a number of Adult-messages in her name on various websites. Don't know what happened to those messages, but if you should come across them, please disregard them, do not blame Mina for it, but me.

Mina and myself hold strongly divided opinions on many topics; Euthanasia, Israel and George W. Bush, to name but a few. We also disagree a lot on the interpretation of the Asatru mythos for the 21st century. I doubt we will ever reach common ground here, so I am looking forward to many hot , but always friendly, debates and discussions, and sincerely hope many Asatru folks will join in and air their opinions as well.
All other discussion platforms in the Yahoo service will be continued, as will be our basic website at

Freitag, Juni 24, 2005

A peace settlement?

Mina writes:
C. T. wrote this in Asatru Nation (his big Yahoo group). You may think I've gone nuts trying to make peace, heaven knows I think I'm nuts. But I since I like putting up websites and this gave me a chance to try new things, well, I thought I would give it a try.

"Folks, I am delighted to announce that my conflict for almost 4 years with Mina Bayern finally comes to an end. I think we settled our differences . Mina agreed to set up a WOTAN website, which can be viewed on
As a result of this I promise to cease all hostility against her once and for good. Mina Watch and the two E-groups linked to it will be closed down over the next few days.
In spite of very strong fundamental differences in regards of Asatru and politics, I sincerely hope to get many hot , but friendly, discussions going between her and myself, and I also hope many WOTAN and Mina-supporters will join in the debates.
Folks, I have a good feeling about this! Watch this space for updates!"

Dienstag, Juni 21, 2005

Confronting the stalker

Click on link above to view article on celebrity stalking.

One of the cases mentioned is that of soap opera star Andrea Evans. Her character, Tina Clayton, was one of my favorites all those years ago. I couldn't wait to see what Tina would be up to next.

Then she left the soap. Only later did I find out that she had to drop out of sight due to a stalker. Only recently she has been able to work on soaps again, but not on the ones I watch.

Montag, Juni 20, 2005

All quiet on the cyberstalking front

Mina writes:
Cyber terrorist has been quiet for a bit. I've set my Mozilla Thunderbird (e-mail software) to automatically delete anything from him unless it comes from 2 specific e-mail addresses, his nvn_wotan one and his glenofthedowns one.

I've also stopped the comment function on my blogs which I kind of didn't like anyway because it wasn't monitored. I figure if someone really has something to say they won't mind using my guestbook, which is moderated.

C. T. hasn't emailed in a bit though he has looked at this blog (I can tell from my StatCounter). Or maybe he emailed using a non-permitted email address and so it got automatically deleted without my seeing it.

I've also been setting up other message filters on my email so that anyone not in my email address book that emails me, their stuff gets shunted into a 'questionable' folder where I can look at it when I'm in the mood to deal with strangers. (I could set it to delete stuff from strangers if it gets to that--- I really don't WANT complete strangers emailing me anyway.)

For a while I was all set to set up new Yahoo IDs and join all C. T.'s groups under several identities so that even if he caught out the ones I have now and banned me, I could still post to his groups if need be. But if he ever goes that far that I felt the need to do that, I'd really be better off trying my luck with the police. And quite frankly, if I post his threats to this blog I've got a far bigger audience than in his 'groups', which seem to have become inactive since I revealed C. T.'s activity.

I've decided not to post Cyber Terrorist's threat emails as they come in but post them in batches every few weeks or so. I'd rather devote this blog to the issue of cyberstalking in general, give links to good stuff and so, than let it be dominated by C. T.'s latest threat. Besides, I think it just encourages him when I publish it as received, if I don't, I may receive less.

When I first became aware of C. T's latest nonsense of impersonating me on the message boards I worried he was destroying my reputation, that the Asatru community was taking his side. But on thinking it over it seems that everyone sees through C. T. after awhile and he isn't, thank the Gods, able to do much to me except tell lies that won't be believed.

I guess my best revenge is to get on with my life, finish my book and get it published. Let him top that!

"Cyberstalked: our family's story"

Link leads to very good site by a cyberstalking victim.